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Top 5 Best Rake for Pine Needles (2022 Review)

The best rake for pine needles can greatly improve your work experience in the yard thanks to its convenient design.

Depending on the size, it can cope with different volumes of work. There is no need to gather everything with your hands or use heavy tools anymore. The best pine needle rake will make it possible to clean the area while using a minimum amount of effort.

Handles of various lengths will ensure optimal conditions for work. Different materials provide universal application and the opportunity to use the rake to clean any type of garbage on any surface.

Our Overall
TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper Rake for Pine Needles
  • lightweight
  • less time to gathering
  • easy to clean
Flexrake LAR123 24-Inch Pine Needle Rake with 54-Inch Wood Handle
  • great for cleaning pine needles
  • lightweight
  • quality made
Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake for Pine Needles, 60"
  • easily gathers up pine straw
  • good quality tines and metal pieces
  • easy assembly
Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake, 3 Pt
  • high quality design
  • carefully does the work without collateral damage
  • corrosion resistant
Sweepa - Rubber Rake (Head Only) No Scratching
  • no scratching
  • applicable for use with any surface
  • rubber tines cause no damage

How to choose rake for pine needles

In order to clean the garden and yard from debris and leaves, it is important to choose the best yard rake for pine needles. There are many varieties of this tool, but there are two main types: manual and those used for the tractor (or ATV).

Best manual rake for raking pine needles is built of a sturdy material, as it can be used on various surfaces, including in gardens, on patios, on painted floors or on roofs. This means it should be less loud and less damaging. In addition, hand rakes are often small in size for ease of transportation and hand holding.

Unlike the first type, the rakes attached to the tractor or an ATV will be somewhat different. They are always wider and more bulky, since they must cover as much territory as possible and collect more leaves, debris and needles. The tines on the head are always made of steel, which ensures high-quality work even with rough processing.


Pine Needle Scale – Tiny, white, tear drop-shaped scales on conifer needles

#1 Rake for Pine Needles

The Groundskeeper Rake for Pine Needles

The Groundskeeper Rake for Pine Needles

Top features:

  • Hard wire tines
  • Poly Rake Head/li>
  • Fiberglass Handle


  • good for all kinds of raking
  • does not require extra effort
  • does not have an ergonomic handle design


  • does not have an ergonomic handle design

The design of this rake is slightly different from most similar ones. Strong, wired tines are durable enough to preserve their shape during work. In addition, a special loop spring allows it to achieve the necessary flexibility. This all-purpose rake can be used for general garbage collection, leveling bedding material, straw removing and much more. The round and hard tines of the Groundskeeper work a little differently than the flat and flexible tines of other rakes.

They collect a large volume of leaves while not damaging the sprouts. Due to its width, these rakes are capable of collecting much more material at a time. In addition, it works great not only with dry garbage, but also with wet piles. The angle at which the rake is applied allows you to collect garbage without any pressure, greatly easing the tension in your back. The quality of the material not only has high durability, but also boasts a light weight. With such a rake you can easily cope with any types and volumes of work.

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Rake for pine needles – Buying Guide

Caring for a garden should not only be a useful activity, but also fun. Therefore, the choice of the right lawn rake is always a number one priority. After all, the quality of the tool also determines how well it will do the job and how long it will be useful.

Want to know how to choose the best pine needle rake? Those following factors will help you to make the right choice.

Handle material

When you buy a rake for pine needles, pay attention to the quality of the material of the handle. This is one of the most important factors that will affect usability. Different materials can be used for the handle: wood, plastic, metal or fiberglass. For maximum strength, steel or aluminum are usually best, but for ease, plastic or fiberglass are generally preferred. However, do not think fiberglass will be less durable. It boasts high strength; it is not as good as steel, but not susceptible to corrosion and rust and offers the advantage of being lightweight.

Handle length

The size and length of the handle are important factors that will affect whether your back and joints will hurt after working in the yard. Convenience lies in the fact that with the right selection, you do not need to strain when raking. The work will be easy and simple; you won’t even notice how quickly you did the cleaning. However, take your height into account since not all rakes grass for have a universal length. A short one will cause you to bend, and a length that’s too long will put you in an uncomfortable position, making work much more difficult

Tines quality

When you choose between different types of rakes for pine needles, make sure tines are made of quality metal because steel is more durable than other materials. In addition, coating with a special composition will provide rust resistance. Tines on the rake should be flexible, but at the same time have the necessary strength to remove dry and wet pine needles, leaves and other debris. This type of rake will allow you to clean the yard efficiently for several seasons.

Rake Head

The main characteristics of a rake for dead grass depend on the width and size of the head. Those characteristics affect how much you can collect leaves, garbage and needles at a time. It also shows how carefully you can clean without damaging the shoots. However, keep in mind that a large size is only valid for raking pine needles in big areas. Such types are attached to a tractor or ATV. For manual rakes, such cumbersomeness will be unnecessary, as it only interferes with the job.

As you can see, the choice of high-quality tools is quite simple. Before buying, pay attention to the features, advantages and disadvantages of the tool during various types of work. In addition, real reviews under each product will help highlight the factors most important for you when choosing your ideal rake for pine needles.

About groundskeeper II Rake for Pine Needles:

The Best Rake for Pine Needles

Choosing the best rakes for pine needles is always an important task when caring and cleaning the yard. Sometimes it’s hard enough to make the right choice. In our top list of the best rakes, we will tell you in detail about each item, identify the positive and negative sides, and tell you how to make the right choice. Short on time and cannot read all details? Then just check out our product table below to find out which product we liked best.

The top best product [hide]

TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper Rake for Pine Needles

TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper Rake for Pine Needles
This tool is represented as a good rake for pine needles. Its design makes it possible to efficiently perform the tasks, paying attention to the gathering of debris and dirt on the ground. Spacious steel tines allow grass and green sprouts to pass between them. This rake can be used for different tasks. Thanks to high quality materials, it boasts high strength, lightweight design and durability. Special round tines do an excellent job of grabbing leaves, sticks, and so on. In addition, thanks to their structure, you can dig and gather garbage without any pressure. It allows you to stand upright during the work and not put strain on your back. Increased efficiency reduces cleaning time by approximately 25%, resulting in minimal physical costs. A swivel hanger at the end of the handle makes it easy to store.
Technical Specifications:
fiberglass handle
round and stiff tines
multipurpose use
less time to gathering
easy to clean
doesn’t tear up the grass
poor connection at the clutch
shipped in two pieces

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Flexrake LAR123 24-Inch Pine Needle Rake with 54-Inch Wood Handle

Flexrake LAR123 24-Inch Pine Needle Rake with 54-Inch Wood Handle
If you are looking for the best hand rake for pine needles then you might want to consider the Flexrake LAR124. Quite lightweight and easy to use, it has long tines that pick up pine needles really well. Despite the fact that this tool is mainly designed to care for areas under pine trees, it can also be used to harvest straw and even a small number of leaves (albeit with less efficiency). This rake is versatile enough to perform various tasks, but when it is used as intended, this rake does an excellent job of cleaning the area of ​​thin and long needles. Long, closely spaced tines descend into the grass and quickly clean the surface. If pine needles are the main problem in your area, then this is your safe bet.
Technical Specifications:
wood handle
aluminum head
made in USA
great for cleaning pine needles
quality made
fragile handle
not good on large areas
not recommended for light lawn or artificial grass

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Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake for Pine Needles, 60"

Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake for Pine Needles, 60
Typical plastic rakes are not always a good choice to keep the area clean. To work in a large area, you need to choose the right lawn rake for pine needles. Thanks to its parameters, Yard Tuff will help you clean a large yard in a short period of time. You will get optimal productivity with spring steel tines that are trustworthy, durable and ensure a highly efficient completion of the task. They also have a special powder coating, which makes them corrosion-resistant. The lifting handle allows you to quickly and easily drop the garbage so you can again collect grass, leaves and pine needles. In addition, the advantage of such a type of rake is that it can be attached to a tractor or ATV.
Technical Specifications:
durable steel material
powder-coat paint finish
corrosion resistant
comfortable lift handle
easily gathers up pine straw
good quality tines and metal pieces
easy assembly
bolts tend to get stripped
handle slips easily
tines are a bit too thick

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Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake, 3 Pt

Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake, 3 Pt
This tool boasts high reliability, durability and performance. The rake is long enough to gather the maximum amount of debris. Field Tuff design incorporates coil springs for better results and is equipped with strong, long tines. They allow them to dig out more pine needles, leaves and other debris. This rake is coated with a special powder composition which protects against moisture, prevents corrosion and significantly increases the tool’s lifespan. In addition, the convenient steel handle can be attached in different ways. This pine straw rake can become an irreplaceable assistant in cleaning the yard.
Technical Specifications:
durable steel construction
coiled springs
powder-coat paint
high quality design
carefully does the work without collateral damage
corrosion resistant
weak point of attachment
the assembly is quite complicated and long

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Sweepa - Rubber Rake (Head Only) No Scratching

Sweepa - Rubber Rake (Head Only) No Scratching
If you are up to having a completely different experience in yard maintenance, you should pay attention to the Sweepa Rubber Rake. This is the best roof rake for pine needles that does its job remarkably well. This type of tool is suitable for situations when you need to clean a hard, even surface, roof or patio. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the roof of the car if the fallen pine needles must be removed. Due to its qualities, this instrument can be the best kind of rake for pine needles. It can also be used with ease on wet, dry, concrete and painted surfaces. Its 100% rubber coating ensures quality performance without any noise. This rake does not have as much widespread use as others, but if the goal is to clean pine needles, then this is the ideal choice.
Technical Specifications:
100% rubber rake
perfect use for pine needles
flexible tines
no scratching
applicable for use with any surface
rubber tines cause no damage
no noise during wor
handle and head sold separately
no reliable connection to the handle

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Rake for pine needles: FAQ

How do I choose the best rake?

First of all, decide which purposes you are going to use the tool for and how much work needs to be done. Size and material will depend on this. High-quality rakes should have a handle made of durable material, steel teeth that can withstand pressure during operation, and also be comfortable in your hand.

Are there some difficulties in using these rakes?

There are absolutely no difficulties at all! Regardless of its shape, the rake will be easy to use. Always rake towards yourself. Start at the farthest point and gradually rake leaves and debris toward you. Then gently remove any residue from the teeth. If you use a rake for a tractor or ATV, then you need to securely fix them and drive around the site.

What maintenance do pine needle rakes need?

As a basic tool, the rake does not need special care. In order for it to be in good condition, it is only necessary to clean the tines from debris and branches on time. To prevent rust, do not leave the rake in the open air. Remember to inspect the tool on a regular basis for damage and cracks. This will help keep it operational for a long time.

For what purposes can pine needle rakes be used?

Such a rake is universal and can be used not only for cleaning needles, but also foliage, garbage, grass, etc. Variety will allow you to choose the most suitable option that can cope with a particular job. In addition, you can find a tool with a suitable coating for any kind of surface.

Where can I buy a rake?

In order to purchase the tool, you can visit special sites based on our buying guide. A variety of products will allow you to choose the most suitable option. In addition, you can contact the manufacturer directly. The most popular and reliable are the following: Flexrake, Root Assassin, the Groundskeeper, and Gardenite.


If you have a lot of coniferous trees growing in your area, then the best way to deal with their needles is to get a quality rake. It will help you clean up the yard without damaging the land and plants. In our article, we covered all the advantages and disadvantages of such a tool, and also provided arguments for this must-have purchase. A rake for needles is a profitable investment in caring for a home garden.

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