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Top 4 Best Wheel Hoe (2022 Review)

Different kinds of hoes perform different kinds of functions in a garden. If you need to get rid of weeds from vegetable gardens or larger sized fields, then the best type of hoe is the best wheel hoe. Usually have curve-shaped handles usually made with wood or steel.

Wheel Hoe The main component of a wheel hoe is singular, double, or triple wheels that have sharp edges. You push the wheels through the garden, and the weeds as the wheel turns over and chops the weed. These are also used for plowing the ground.

Our Overall
Hoss Single Wheel Hoe
  • Strong and sturdily built steel wheel.
  • Low center of gravity ensure smooth functionality.
  • Can be used with loads of attachments.
Hoss High Arch Wheel Hoe
  • Powder coating ensures longevity.
  • Adjustable wheel spacing.
  • Can be used with multiple attachments.
Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator 6500
  • Includes 3 attachments.
  • The handle has 3 levels of adjustable height.
  • One single large-sized wheel.
Gardena 3195 Combisystem
  • 4 star blades for efficient cutting.
  • Repair service is easy and convenient.
  • Supported by a generous warranty.

Types of Wheel Hoe

You will find more than just one kind of wheel hoe on the market. Therefore, look through this section to learn the basics about the 3 most common kinds of wheel hoes in the market.


Single wheeled hoes are equipped with usually a hardwood handle that also has an adjustable length. It has one steel-frame wheel with sharpened ends that weed, plow, or prepare the soil with seeds. These are multi-purpose hoes that are suitable for various gardening occasions.


Hoes with two wheels are larger and heavier in size. The two wheel feature makes them appropriate for cultivating, planting seeds, and cutting large-sized weeds efficiently. They usually have larger or adjustable space between the wheels. Other than wheel hoes with 2 wheels, there are also triple wheeled hoes available.

3 Cultivator Teeth

Wheeled hoes come with a wheel in the front, along with an attachment mounting space and cultivator teeth. Different hoe for weeding have different numbers of cultivator teeth. 3 cultivator teeth sound ideal for normal, every-day gardening purposes.


With advancing technology, gardening tools are also now being updated. Similarly, wheeled hoes are now being incorporated with electric powered motors that turn the wheel around rather than manual force. These are the perfect pick to chop through dense and large-sized weeds.

#1 Wheel Hoe

Hoss Single Wheel Hoe

Hoss Single Wheel Hoe

The Hoss single-wheeled hoe is made in the US. The hoe features an adjustable hardwood handle that has bolts and screws that can be fitted into two different levels, according to your preference. The head of the hoe also has 3 cultivator teeth made with strong steel to ensure durability. An important feature of this hoe is its low center of gravity, which makes strolling the wheel through the weeds or the soil a lot smoother and faster.

Also, it has an attachment mounting space that lets you attach any attachment for any gardening tasks. This makes this product a versatile and user-friendly choice. Moreover, the wooden handle will also guarantee that you never have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Another notable feature of this product is its powder-coated steel construction that ensures longevity.
Top Features

  • It features hardwood handles.
  • The head has 3 cultivator teeth.
  • The wheel is made with steel and measures 15 inches.


  • Durable, long-lasting wood handle.
  • Smooth operation enabled by a low center of gravity.
  • Frame is coated with rust-resistant powder.
  • Highly recommended for vegetable gardens.


  • Requires attachments to be bought separately.
  • There is no warranty.

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Wheel Hoe – Buying Guide

Availability of attachments

Many wheel hoes come with space for mounting attachments. Even though they fit with most attachments, it is disappointing that very few of them actually come with attachments. These need to be bought separately. Therefore, when you are selecting a wheel hoe, make sure to go for a product that comes with readily available attachments. Some brands make their own attachments and are, therefore, a better choice.


The weight of the hoe will impact two things, your ease of use and storage. The heavier the hoe will be, the tougher it will be for you to use it. Remember that you have to manually force the hoe down, which means that there will be pressure on your body. Also, a heavier hoe will be difficult to store when you are not using it.

Handle shape and design

The majority of the wheel hoes come with curved handles. However, the shape of the handle is very important as it can put a strain on your hand. In addition to this, other features of the handle, such as the construction material and the adjustability, are also very important. Make sure to go for a handle that is either wooden, so it won’t rust, or is coated with rust-resistant powder. You should also look for adjustability options.

Brand reliability

Like any other product, the reliability of the brand you are buying from is also very important. It is important to research and learn who makes wheel hoes. Make use of authentic customer reviews to learn about the brand’s reputation in the market.

Ease of mounting attachments

Mounting attachments can be inevitable for most gardeners. Considering the load of tasks needed in a garden, a hoe with only one function is never enough. Therefore, when buying a hoe, make sure it has a good mounting space, which is easy to use too.


The durability of a wheel hoe only comes from the material used to construct it. When it comes to the handle, we always recommend wooden handles. They won’t rust and don’t break easily as well. Another better option can also be stainless steel.

However, if you keep stainless steel exposed to lots of moisture, it might corrode after some time. Moreover, you should also check the construction quality of the wheel. The wheel frames are often made with steel that rusts easily. There are hoes in the market that come with powder coated wheels so that they become resistant to rust and corrosion.  Also, for weeding the garden, we recommend a look stirrup hoe.

The Best Wheel Hoe

The top best product [hide]

Hoss Single Wheel Hoe

Hoss Single Wheel Hoe
15-inch wheel hoes are perfect for home gardens and mid-sized fields. Similarly, this Hoss wheel hoe is also exceptionally good for home use. Its durably built single wheel with steel coated with rust-resistant powder coating is meant to last you for a long time. If you don’t want to put a strain on your hand and body while using this hoe, the low center of gravity will make sure about that. These exceptional features make this one of wheel hoes. Also, it has 3 cultivator teeth that make it good for gardening tasks other than weeding. The wooden handle also ensures durability. Overall, this Hoss single wheel hoe is a great pick for home-based gardeners.

When it comes to attachments, this hoe has a spacious mounting area. The users of this product also report that mounting is very easy with this hoe. However, one drawback of investing in this wheel hoe is that the attachments will need to be bought separately. This can be rather inconvenient for most people.
Technical Specifications:
It features 3 cultivator teeth.
It has a low center of gravity.
The 15 inched wheel is of steel material.
Strong and sturdily built steel wheel.
Low center of gravity ensure smooth functionality.
Can be used with loads of attachments.
Wooden handle won’t rust.
No warranty comes with this product.

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Hoss High Arch Wheel Hoe

Hoss High Arch Wheel Hoe
If you have large-sized, tall plants in your home garden or backyard, this is wheel hoe for you. This is because it has a high arched shape that makes it suitable for straddling taller plants. The exceptionally well-built 4 cultivator teeth of this hoe also make it stand out in the market. The hoe features 2 wheels made with a steel frame coated with rust-resistant powder. Along with this, the oak wood solid handle also further enhances the longevity of this product.

The use of this product can be for vegetable gardens too. You can straddle large plants such as potatoes, beans, and corn too. The green exterior of the mounting space also makes it a good-looking tool to add to your gardening set up. The 15-inch height makes it good for plowing, weeding, seeding, and harrowing purposes too. Compared to older hoes that measured more in height, this 15-inch height is suitable for various garden tasks. In addition, it also comes with a mounting space that further allows it to be multi-purpose.
Technical Specifications:
The spacing between the wheels is adjustable.
Wheels measure 15 inches in height.
The steel frame is powder-coated.
Powder coating ensures longevity.
Adjustable wheel spacing.
Can be used with multiple attachments.
Has 4 cultivator teeth.
Hardwood handle, will not rust or break.
No warranty.

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Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator 6500

Earthway Tubular Steel High Wheel Cultivator 6500
This is a high cultivator hoe with its 24-inch height. The unique, steel construction of this wheel hoe gives it a fascinating look. This height makes it suitable for plowing and cultivating purposes. The single wheel, along with the long, adjustable handle, is made with steel. The handle features a fully adjustable height that you can fix according to your own height, usage, and personal preference.

The best part about picking this hoe is that it comes with 3 attachments included in the package. Other hoes require you to buy them separately, which can be pretty inconvenient. Another great feature is that even though it’s made with steel, it will not be vulnerable to rust or corrosion due to its heavy-duty powder coating.
Technical Specifications:
It has a single wheel that measures 24 inches in height.
The hoe is made of steel.
The handle has an adjustable height.
Includes 3 attachments.
The handle has 3 levels of adjustable height.
One single large-sized wheel.
Versatile tool, good for all sorts of purposes.
Coated with heavy-duty powder for durability.
No support or warranty.
Might not work for professional-level gardening.

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Gardena 3195 Combisystem

Gardena 3195 Combisystem
The Gardena wheel hoe is one of the most unique and outstanding products in the market. It has 4 star-shaped blades that are exceptionally sharp and function just like a wheel. They have a rotating quality as they rotate like a wheel when you give the handle a push. The small 5-inch size of this wheel hoe makes it an easy to store product. It is also lightweight, yet sturdily built so you can make a great advantage out of it for a long time.

In addition to these features, the hoe also comes supported by an exceptionally generous warranty that lasts for 25 years. Particularly, this hoe is great for seeding purposes. One drawback that we see to this product is that it requires you to buy the handle separately, and it also does not come with any compatibility with accessories.
Technical Specifications:
It has a wheel with 4 sharp star-shaped blades.
It comes with a 25-year warranty.
It weighs about 1.65 pounds.
4 star blades for efficient cutting.
Repair service is easy and convenient.
Supported by a generous warranty.
Comes with a stand too.
Handle is sold separately.

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Wheel Hoe - FAQs

Is Hoss better than Valley Oak hoes?

Valley Oaks and Hoss are two very common and well-known brands in the market that manufacture some top-notch gardening tools. Both brands have a very similar product range. The choice finally depends on what is more important to you. Valley Oak hoes have a more complicated accessory mounting design. Meanwhile, Hoss has more modern designs and have a better variety of attachments.

High wheel or low wheel hoes?

The high or low wheel hoe choice will hugely depend on your type of garden and usage. 9 to 16 inches of hoes are considered low wheel hoes that are more suited for weeding, cultivating, seeding, and harrowing. The older, more classic type of hoes that measure about 24 inches are more appropriate for cultivating and plowing.

How deep can a wheel hoe go?

The depth of the wheel hoe is not more than just the surface or a little below of that in the soil.

What kind of handle is the best?

We think that handles made with wood are more appropriate than steel handles. Steel handles often leave behind a bad smell in your hands.

Are accessories important?

Accessories can increase the usability of your hoe. While these may cost extra, they can also get more tasks done around the garden.


To wrap the article up, we would strongly advise all garden enthusiasts to pick their gardening tools with lots of care and thought. Tools are not to be bought every day and therefore require some extra thought. The best kind of wheel hoe will be the one that matches your garden’s needs and also does not compromise your comfort as the user.

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